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Technology and innovation mean, first and foremost, environmental sustainability. This concept is at the core of the T&T group’s development policy and takes the form of eco-friendly development projects, which can improve the conditions for workers and protect the environment.

Corporate policies do not only involve maintaining green spaces around buildings, but also the annual assessment of a concrete sustainable intervention for the environment, based on the number of waste products (classified as non-hazardous substances) disposed of annually.

To this end, T&T has invested in, and produced, a solar-powered park, with a total power installation of 2.7 MW.

This intervention, which saw the creation of a solar park in the municipality of Castelfranco di Sopra (500 KW) and to 1 MW systems in the municipality of Laterina, confirms that T&T is a zero-impact company, since it generates more energy than it consumes.

This approach is linked to the corporate mission, which invests in technology and research into the steps required to encourage sustainable growth and a high level of innovation.