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Our brand

Our brand is a comprehensive expression of our identity: creating Innovation through the values and principles that are rooted in our history.

The two Ts, one of which is upside down, represents a link between space and time, uniting the various points of existence in a consistent, unending evolution. This represents a future that maintains a link with the past, generation after generation, by identifying the circle of life. A representation of continuity and movement, this is a symbol that reflects our ambition to break down barriers, create strong links and forge “connections” with the world.


Complex Systems and Structures, which are integrated with Supervision, Control and Command functions, and which are developed through consolidated engineering skills – these are some of the fields in which the T&T group operates on a daily basis, with a desire to improve and innovate the technological assets that they apply to the Oil & Gas/Power Generation and Infrastructure business sectors. We are always researching equipment and solutions that employ the most up-to-date technologies, in order to improve and customise our customer support as much as is possible.


The culture of innovation is one of our core strategic values. It is a key factor in our competitiveness and success and allows us to analyse the needs of our clients and stakeholders. Courage, a healthy desire to learn and the desire to grow through collaboration: innovation is a factor to be shared. This is why we maintain relationships with the research sector, the academic sector and with clients and collaborators all over the world. We ensure sustainable solutions and services that can satisfy the specific needs of our clients, while fully complying with health, safety and environmental concerns, thus improving global well-being.

Know how

Our group rests on some key points – our values – which we all refer to and which allow people to be truly “on board”, allowing them to compete in a more effective manner.

Value impact the way we do Business, creating value through responsibility and trust. Our strategic asset is people, their experience and skills and consistent growth, which adds value in the long term and ensure a proactive and continuous collaboration with our clients.


We want to have a direct link with our clients. We have supplied solutions all over the world and maintained and optimised the efficiency of our clients’ assets.

Our international network of subsidiaries and strategic partnerships, which centres around agreements with Institutions, industrial partners and State Bodies in our client’s country of reference, is able to offer all of the necessary support through extensive knowledge and specific skills in the long term.

Customer Focus

Our Business model is based around adding value for the client. Our group’s policies define objectives and relational and operational methods that can maintain high levels of satisfaction for our clients and partners. Consistent dialogue and periodic meetings that allow us to understand and support the most varied of needs – this is our complex challenge in the global marketplace.


Our vision is very clear: to be a reliable partner in terms of quality control, flexibility and innovative solutions, based on the specific needs of our clients. Next, we create a trustworthy relationship by exceeding our clients’ expectations with our skills in Engineering, Management, Procurement, Construction, Start-up, Training, Commissioning and remote 24/7 Support.